Effects of 2024 immigration changes on new Student (Subclass 500) Visa applicants


The Australian immigration changes this year 2024 will greatly affect international students, particularly new Student Visa applicants. Although the changes will likely shake up the structure, Australia aims to end international students’ permanent temporariness in the country.

How will new student visa applicants be affected by these changes?

If you’re planning to apply for a Student (subclass 500) visa this year, you are going to love the new changes. The Australian government is now prioritizing the visa processing of offshore Student Visa applicants, as well as Student Guardian Visa applicants.

Also, a new Genuine Student Test (GST) will be enforced which will include assessing your English proficiency, academic qualifications, financial documents, and overall authenticity. 

Should I be worried about the new Genuine Student Test?

Absolutely, not. If experienced and reliable migration experts guide you, you can get through the process seamlessly. Also, the best thing about the new GST is that you don’t need to hide your intentions to work and live permanently in Australia after your studies. Upon your application, you can express your long-term plans in the country and the the government will facilitate an easier transition: from a post-graduation stay to a permanent residency pathway.

So what’s the first step in achieving my Australian migration dream?

The first and most important thing you need to do is list down your intentions in migrating to Australia. Then, talk to us so we can craft a personalized migration plan that will fit your qualifications and goals. Lastly, we will be with you at every step of your migration process. You don’t have to do this alone anymore.

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