How will current Student Visa holders be affected by 2024 immigration changes?


Current Student Visa holders are not exempted from the immigration shakeup this 2024. A lot of visa programs have been impacted by the changes, and one of the casualties is the Temporary Graduate Visa.

Why am I affected by the changes of Temporary Graduate Visa?

If you are a Student Visa holder and intend to extend your stay in Australia after your visa expires, applying for a Temporary Graduate Visa is your best option. The qualifications you have after completing your studies will most likely fit the Temporary Graduate Visa requirements. Thus, any changes in the Temporary Graduate Visa would also alter your long-term plans in Australia. 

What are the changes in the Temporary Graduate Visa?

The Temporary Graduate visa will now have a new age requirement, which makes the visa exclusive for applicants under 35. Then, there will be a reduction in visa duration depending on your educational attainment:

Will these changes hurt my long-term plans in Australia?

Absolutely not. But will these new provisions alter your plans in Australia? Most certainly, yes. 

Change is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, it is what we need to have progress, and sustainability. Just like the change in the Temporary Graduate Visa, the government aims to end its long-term temporariness. The reduction of stay duration is intended for you to quickly transition to a visa with a direct permanent migration pathway. 

The government recently announced the implementation of the new Skills in Demand Visa. This visa has a 4-year stay period and provides a clearer pathway to permanent residency. Thus, this is one of the best options to transition from a Temporary Graduate Visa to a PR-ready visa (Skills in Demand Visa).

So what’s my next move to achieving my PR visa in Australia?

The best thing you should do is to take action as soon as possible. Your decisions now might affect your situation in the future. To be ready, it is best to talk to us so we can craft a personalized migration plan that will fit your qualifications and goals.


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