Summary of the 2024-2025 Migration Planning Level


The recent 2024 Federal Budget has brought significant changes and updates to Australia’s migration system.

Permanent Migration Program

The Government has set the planning level for the 2024–25 Permanent Migration Program at 185,000 places, with a focus on allocating around 70% of these places to the Skill stream. Additionally, there are plans to extend the planning horizon for the program from one year to four years starting in 2025–26. The objective is to better manage the migration system and reduce net overseas migration by 110,000 people over the forward estimates.

Migration System Reforms

The budget includes $18.3 million over four years to further reform Australia’s migration system. This funding will support initiatives such as information and education activities for migrant workers, data-matching pilots to prevent exploitation and enhancements to visa processing capabilities.

Southeast Asia Engagement

A substantial amount of funding, $505.9 million over five years, has been allocated to deepen Australia’s engagement with Southeast Asia. This includes measures to implement the next phase of Australia’s Southeast Asia Economic Strategy, enhancing visa access for ASEAN member countries, and Timor-Leste.

Work and Holiday Visas

New measures have been introduced for the Work and Holiday visa program for China, Vietnam, and India, including a visa pre-application process and a ballot charge. The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES) program will provide Indian nationals with a mobility pathway to live and work in Australia.

Immigration Tribunal Reforms

The budget includes significant funding to establish the new Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) to address backlogs associated with migration decisions. This funding will enable the ART to finalize case lodgements efficiently and enhance regional accessibility.

Settlement Services for Migrants and Refugees

To improve settlement services and promote better outcomes for refugees and migrants, the budget includes funding for various programs, such as the Humanitarian Settlement Program, Youth Transition Support services, and conversational English classes.

Support for Individuals Affected by Conflict

There is also a provision in the budget to support individuals and families affected by the Hamas-Israel conflict with emergency financial assistance provided by the Australian Red Cross.

Overall, the 2024 Federal Budget for Migration outlines comprehensive reforms and initiatives aimed at enhancing Australia’s migration system, supporting migrants and refugees, and strengthening relationships with Southeast Asian nations. MIA members can expect to see significant changes and improvements resulting from these budget allocations.

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