Eligibility and Conditions:

  This section details the various types of Visitor Visas available for individuals aiming to explore Australia for tourism, business, or familial reasons, with durations spanning 3, 6, or 12 months. It emphasizes the opportunity for visa holders to engage in formal educational pursuits for up to three months, while strictly prohibiting any form of employment during their stay. The narrative underscores the necessity for applicants to convincingly demonstrate their intention to return to their home country post-visit, backed by sufficient financial means to support themselves during their stay. Additionally, it highlights that the Department of Home Affairs may occasionally request proof of a round-trip ticket as further evidence of the visit’s temporary nature.

Visa Features and Restrictions:

  • Family and Friends: Reconnect with loved ones across Australia.
  • Tourism: Discover the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities.
  • Cruising: Embark on memorable sea voyages, with specific guidelines for round-trip cruises.
  • Education: Seize the chance for short-term studies or training, limited to 3 months.
  • Employment: Note that working is not permitted under this visa.

Cruise Experiences: Enjoy sea voyages with specific conditions for round-trip cruises that don’t leave Australian waters, counting towards your stay.

Travel Flexibility and Re-entry Rules


This is a temporary visa. 


This final section discusses the travel provisions associated with the visa, distinguishing between the conditions tied to multiple and single-entry visas. For holders of multiple-entry visas, it highlights the liberty to travel outside Australia and return, in accordance with the stipulations outlined in the visa grant letter. Conversely, for single-entry visa holders, it brings to attention the imperative requirement to apply for a new visa upon departing Australia if re-entry is desired, underscoring the importance of understanding the visa’s limitations and planning travel accordingly.

For the most accurate and comprehensive information, visiting the Department of Home Affairs website is highly recommended.


If we grant you a visa with multiple entries, you can travel outside Australia and return in line with what we specify in your visa grant letter.


If your visa is granted with single entry and you leave Australia, you can’t re-enter on the visa. You have to apply for another visa to come back.

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