Aussie Migration and Visa Professional Solutions (AMVPS Australia) is a well-known agency that helps with education and migration across the world. We started in partnership with RAMS Travel Agency and Niners English Review Center in the Philippines, offering many opportunities in Australia. Our strengths include:

  • Specialized Team: Our team includes specialized migration agents, consultants and a lawyer dedicated to your case.
  • Personalized Process: We ensure a tailored approach to meet your unique needs.
  • On-ground Support in Australia: Offering support for your initial steps in Australia, making your transition smoother.
  • Over 5 Years of Expertise: Leveraging extensive experience to guide our clients effectively.

With AMVPS Australia, you’re not just applying for a visa; you’re stepping towards a future full of possibilities.

Our services are tailored to facilitate direct, swift, and cost-effective pathways for individuals and families aspiring to visit, study, work, live, and establish their lives in Australia. At AMVPS Australia, we pride ourselves on providing personalized education and migration consultations, catering to a wide array of visa categories including visitor, student, partner, employment, and general skilled visas, as well as guiding clients through the Australian citizenship process.

Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled assistance, ensuring every client’s journey to Australia is not just successful, but also a seamless and enriching experience. We stand as a beacon of trust and excellence, guiding you every step of the way in your Australian dream.


At Aussie Migration and Visa Professional Solutions (AMVPS Australia), we aspire to be recognized as a premier migration agency, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to genuine, high-caliber migration services. Our vision is rooted in a perpetual quest for mastery over Australian Migration Law and a dedication to delivering outstanding customer service. We strive to set the standard for professionalism and trustworthiness in the migration industry, ensuring our clients’ journeys are navigated with expertise, care, and exceptional results.


Our mission at AMVPS Australia is to continually elevate our status as a leading education and migration agency. We are committed to the ongoing enhancement of our public services, ensuring they reflect the highest standards of quality and efficiency. By embracing continuous learning and improvement, we aim to provide our clients with friendly, reliable, and comprehensive support, guaranteeing a seamless and successful migration experience. Our focus is on building enduring relationships based on trust, excellence, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs.

Our Values

At Aussie Migration and Visa Professional Solutions (AMVPS Australia), integrity and ethical practice are the heart of our operations. We rigorously adhere to the standards set by the ESOS Act and the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Our dedication to transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct ensures our clients receive expert, trustworthy guidance. We strive to set a benchmark in the industry, ensuring every decision and action aligns with both legal frameworks and our clients’ best interests.

MARA Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for Registered Migration Agents sets out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. It prescribes their obligations towards clients. Provision for a Code of Conduct for migration agents is set out in Section 314 of the Migration Act 1958 and has specified in Schedule 2, Regulation 8 of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998.

Below are the obligations under this code:
  • Interactions with clients
  • Fees, record keeping and financial management
  • Responsibilities toward other agents and other employees
  • The requirement that an agent responds if a complaint made against him/her
Our potential and existing clients may read or download a copy of the Code of Conduct (April 2017).

Meet Our Team

We believe that our idea of growth is having competent, experienced and dedicated team members – most importantly, we focus on the quality of our services.

Atty. Edmund Cyril S. Galvez

Registered Migration Agent 1909251

Soleil Galvez

Education Agent
QEAC: Q678

Chlover Villanueva

Accounts Officer

Rachel Langgoy

Admin Assistant

Rolyn Garan

Admin Assistant

Diego Pardo

Software Developer / Website designer

Gwyneth Magto

Admissions InCharge


Admin Assistant

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