High-Paying Jobs in Australia That Do Not Require a Degree


You don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to land a well-paying job in Australia. Numerous alternative career paths don’t require extensive education, and we’ll outline some of these opportunities for you.

Top three high-paying jobs this 2024

Information and Communications Technology (ICT):

The IT sector is essential for meeting technological needs across various industries. Many roles in this field prioritize hands-on experience over formal education. With minimal formal education, such as a certificate program or an associate’s degree, and a demonstration of your proficiency, you can secure a high-paying job in this sector.

Average salary: AUD$ 150,000-AUD$ 200,000

Chemical, Gas, Petroleum, and Power Generation Plant Operators

While formal qualifications are not mandatory, many individuals in these roles hold a Certificate III or IV in process plant operations or a related field. This job involves operating chemical production equipment, pumping gas and oil, refining petroleum products, and generating electrical power.

Average salary: AUD$ 150,000-AUD$ 170,000

ICT Sales Professionals

ICT Sales Professionals manage client accounts and represent companies, promoting computer hardware, software, and other ICT products and services. While this position requires extensive experience and a certain level of education, a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate is sufficient to meet the education requirement.

Average salary: AUD$ 150,000-AUD$ 160,000

Australia’s Migration Overhaul

The proposed tiered migration system by the Albanese government includes new regulations for employers. Australian companies hiring high-wage workers (threshold likely between AUD$ 120,000 and AUD$ 150,000) will face fewer regulations. This means quicker and easier visa processes for high-wage earners, with completion times expected to be within weeks, compared to months in the current system.

The notion that your salary is determined by your level of education is a misconception. When considering your future career options, take into account practicality, necessity, and pay rates. Understanding Australia’s top industries is essential for your career, and our expert guidance and support can help you maximize your advantage. With over two decades of experience, we have helped many skilled migrants achieve their migration and career goals in Australia.

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